We’re shaken, but not fallen.

Life was getting normal in Kathmandu. But not yet, not now.

6.8M aftershock hit Kathmandu yesterday. 18 days after the 7.9M of 25th April
(Wiki: 2015 Nepal Earthquake)

People are again back to the outdoor, day and night.
Fear got us all. Fear of death.
That was obvious.

But few more things emerged during this tough time.
Amazing things:

We became social, outside the screen.
Living outside brought people closer, strangers, neighbours, friends and even family closer.
Less access to TVs, computers, internet made us become social, literally.
We chatted a lot, not via screens, but in person.
We talked more with our family and friends, not with virtual ones.

We got to know, those around us.
We got introduced to our next door and next house neighbours, who were strangers  few days back.

We learned more, about Nepal.
We read newspaper, listened radio about the epicentres, the casualties, the damages.
We got to know more about the geography, the places, the people, the development and un-development of our country.

We cared. We loved. We gave.
Everybody I saw, was helping. We donated what we could.
We gave food, water, blood, shelters, helping hands, healing spirits, carrying shoulders, best wishes & prayers.
We shared hope.
We loved people. Everyone. Of every caste. Of every religion.

We didn’t wait.
We didn’t wait. We acted.

We became human.
We saw in others and most important, in ourselves:
The pain.
The pleasure.
The tolerance power.
The desire to live.
The importance of people.
The being fulfilled, by giving.
The humility.
The empathy.

We realised what’s more important.
Not yesterday, but today.
Not to wait, but to act.
Time flies away in a second.
& so does our lives.

Having all these seen, I am happy to have some hope.
Hope on our people and our nation.
On me.

We will rise again.
We will rise strong.

We’re shaken, but not fallen.

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