Stop hating clients

We proclaim ourselves “Experts”.

Labelled with the fancy titles fashionably borrowed from our idols from the west; UI designer, UX specialist, HCI designer, Web evangelist etc.

We read and learn design theories, web design life cycle, payment policies, web design contract etc from the internet.

We learn about scientific web design processes, including wireframing, prototyping, specification documentations, etc from internet and try to implement same.

But our clients are “idiots”, aren’t they?
whenever they don’t like something we designed, they are idiots. They are idiots whenever they disrupt our scientific process by their unnoticed visit to our office, frequent change requests or not understanding our design theories.

I know there is other side of the story. I know we have our difficulties because of clients being idiots.
But we talked about that a lot, we never talked about how idiots we are too.

We are idiots, because:

We borrowed our education from the fast growing international arena, but we don’t understand our just-crawling infant industry.

We forgot technology is new to us, and most of our clients come from old generation, a generation which hardly touched computers.

We think globally, and try to act globally. Not locally.

We lack empathy. We love embarrassing our clients for not being tech-savvy.

We think what looks good, works good.

We want the outcomes of our hard work must always be approved, just because we… worked hard.

We are serious about our beautiful portfolio, the client is more serious about their business.

We want our client to simply follow the payment policy we made, simply because they came to us for help. But what we dont realize is, them agreeing to pay that huge amount itself is a big thing, considering the Nepalese consumers behaviour. We don’t focus on making them feel it worthy, we just want them to follow the rules.

So, in conclusion, we are idiots, because all of our web design theories and web design life cycle are based on western industry, and we try to act like them, but we don’t understand our market and consumers behaviour and cater accordingly.

We follow selling concept, not marketing concept.


Let’s understand the market and create accordingly.

Let’s grow as an industry.

Let’s stop hating our clients.

Let’s try to educate them.

Because that’s what “experts” do.

Because that’s why clients came to us.

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