Importance of writing for an introvert designer

I have never been so fond of writing before. But being a designer and an introvert person, writing has been a valuable exercise for me. It is not easy and I have been still struggling with regular writing. But it has significant importance I cannot overlook.

There are some obvious reasons how writing can help a designer. Some examples are :

  • Writing will improve your copywriting. Design is all about delivering information and interacting with the audience. And copywriting is the way to do it. For example, whether you write “submit” or “click here” or “ok” on a button can make  differences.
  • Design is communication, so you definitely need better word skill for better communication.
  • Good writing is required for business documentations like proposals, quotations, emails, reports etc.
  • Writings support the story and tone of your design.
  • If you are not dependent on others for the content of the design, you have more control and your designs are more authentic.
  • etc.

For me though, personally I have few reasons why I really want to do regular and better writings:

  1. To become a better designer
    To become a better designer but not only to uplift my UI and UX designs, but to become better in terms of sharing and giving. I really want to share my knowledges & experiences I have learned. I do not only want to share or teach designing, but also want to share my experiences and thoughts about what it’s like to be a designer in Nepal, how designer industry should grow as a community, how we should think globally but always localise our perceptions, how I am pursuading my entrepreneurship,  etc.
  2. To communicate effectively
    This one has to do with me being an introvert. I think a lot, but I am not good at expressing thoughts verbally. Sometimes when I speak about something, I remember I have some important thing to say, but when I speak, I jumble up a lot of thoughts at once and I can understand by the look of listener that I am not making any sense; I almost feel the same with this sentence :p. So when I started writing, I realised by writing I can streamline my thoughts,  I can edit and make the sentences meaningul. And if I speak something that I have written anything before, I can express it a little better.
    So I want to write everything I think, so I can express better what I think.
  3. To improve memory power
    I have a terrible memory power. People who know me know this by the frequent incidents of me forgetting keys, wallet, bags here and there all the time. But things that worry me most is I forget useful informations and data I read or listen, that are really important. Sometimes I cannot remember my own important thoughts and opinions about something.
    I have read and heard a lot that writing improves the memory power. And I believe it totally. Things I have written down can be remembered more compared to things I have heard or thought. It might be because of the attention and concentration given during the writing.

So, I have been trying hard to continue writing. I attempted writing journals, articles for personal and official blogs. I haven’t been able to do it as frequently as I wanted, but I’m not going to give up and will keep on writing.

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