I’ll just write about writing today

I have to write. I sit infront of the computer, and there it is; a blank page and a blank mind, stuck. What to write? 10 minutes gone, 20, 30, damn, 1 hour and what’ve I written so far? none, I switched couple of music playlist, played and stopped instrumentals on focusatwill.com, read some James Altucher’s blog posts on writing tips, but still I don’t have any idea what shall i write.

So I have decided to just start and write about writing. And here you go, 102 words already. Relief! 400 to go. Now i’m having a quick cheat-look on Facebook wall, just to find i can find anything to write… Ok, back to writing…

Let me tell you something about writing, it’s difficult, at least for me, very difficult. Doesn’t come easily. I spent too many hours in a day thinking about writing, but I keep procrastinating, and when i finally sit down to write, it’s always late, always, sometimes 9pm, sometimes 10 or even midnight. And already tired. This is not going good, definitely not. But at least something is going good. That is, I am at least writing. No matter what, I have sent two newsletters this week and posted two articles in my blog. That was good. I missed a day, but won’t miss the next 2 weekends days. Promise.

Now that is a good progress. I am happy I have finally setup my personal blog. I want to fill it up with posts mainly categorised under design, entrepreneurship & life.

But why, in the first place, I wanted to write ? It’s difficult to explain, so I’ll just tell you in word: “Freedom”. How? It’s difficult to explain, that’s why I want to write, I have difficulties in explaining, expressing my thoughts, mainly verbally. I also have difficulties to face a mass, to speak or even just to talk in front of them, so that’s what I want to overcome. So I think writing will help me on this. I think I will be more organised with the words, I will be more rich of the words, and can find better words when I want to express. So that’s how I will get the freedom, freedom of expression 🙂

I am hoping, during this challenge I might write some really good articles which I can share with my office staff. I want to read it loud, or maybe make a presentation out of it, so that I could practise mass speaking too. I am horrible at speaking English, that’s something I have always been hiding away from. I seriously want to get out of my comfort zone now and face it, win it.

Just a reminder, my daily writing challenge is writing not only for this blog but I have some other stuff too, like I send weekly newsletter, I also write occasionally for my company blog. And sometimes I just write a journal or anything abstract. Isn’t this article abstract too? Duh! 502.

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