An easy way to overcome “Imposter Syndrome” for creatives

Creatives are often suffered from “Imposter Syndrome”. It is the lack of confidence on yourself. You know who you are, what you can do, but you can’t just say it out with a confidence, as an expert. A kind of fear always keeps pulling you back. And you feel like you are stuck.  You can’t just step up to grab opportunities, you can’t raise your hands or speak up at times which could have led you to success.

I think one way of getting that confidence is building an audience. If you have difficulties believing your own words, you might believe in others’.

So build an audience whom you can offer your help, your expertise, your skills. The appreciations, thanks and feedbacks you get from your audience will definitely boost your confidence.

The easiest way to build an audience is, to give. Give what you have. Use your skill and expertise to help others. Teach what you know. Share what you find. Show how your do your work.  Use easy platforms and methods that you can continue for a long time. Use social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Make a blog, write short articles.

If what you are teaching and sharing is good, it has quality and value, you will definitely build a genuine audience. Voice of a genuine audience will help you build your authority, your confidence.

So teach, share, give. & get.

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