About Suman Shrestha

A web designer and developer.

Approaching design as problem solving. Design is a combination of art and science, it has to be aesthetically beautiful but also should provide results. Design is only successful if it caters the satisfaction of its end users, not only the creators.



  • Web design and development
  • Graphic design
  • Branding
  • Print design


Other interests:

  • Calligraphy
  • Illustrations
  • Hiking
  • Reading


Life events:

  • 1986 : Born in Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Education : Bachelor in Business Studies, Masters in Business Administration.
  • 2005 : Joined Nexus Nepal, a web agency as sales person. Started to learn graphic design.
  • 2005-2013: Webdesigner at Nexus Nepal.
  • 2013-2017: Started Moksha Design Studio, a web agency.
  • Started Neptees, a graphic tshirt online store, as side project.
  • 2013: Co-founded Idealaya, a product playground. Where I designed BattiGayo, an iPhone app that became most popular loadshedding schedule app.
  • 2018: Sold Moksha. Moved to Rochester, NY, USA.
  • Worked from home as a freelance web designer.
  • 2018: Joined a local company as a designer.
  • 2019: Blessed with a beautiful daughter, Rose.
  • 2019: Joined front end development course at Monroe Community College.


Future plan:

  • Work from home as a freelance web designer within the end of 2020.
    Update April 2020. I quit the day job. Now a full time freelance designer.
  • Learn basic programming: Javascript, React, PHP.
  • Be an awesome dad.


Please check some of my work at:
behance / dribbble


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